About Us :

KUO LI SCREW INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.was founded in 1993,specializing in the production of multi-stroke special screws,we uphold the concept of high quality, efficiency, good service to customer to get their trust and support.

We are proud of our qualified & young working team, through continuous education to enhance their professional skill and training to teach them the quality is the most important than others.
We deeply believe it is the best guarantee of our quality, but also the treasure of sustainable management.
Customer satisfaction is our goal, customer praise and affirmation of our progress is an engine for growth.
We are confident of our ability to be the best supplier of special screws.
Operating items:
Our company is a professional cold forging forming special screws, rivets, parts manufacturers.
Material covering iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials, a wide range of products and all walks of life using special screws floating screws.
Includes: car and motorcycle, electronics, computers, motors, electrical appliances, sports equipment (Foot nails, golf spikes screws, skates screws etc.),
machine industry, pneumatic tool industry, bicycle industry, wood industry, and other types of products
Plant equipment:
Two-die four blow/ tri-die three blow/ four-mode four-blow/ Thread Rolling Machine (vibration plate feed)
Other relevant equipment: table lathe. Drilling machine
Quality control testing equipment:
Projection machine /the hardness machine/torsion testing machine/center swing test machine/different sizes of gauge; pin gauge/optical full inspection machine" size="3">Product inspection reports attached with shipment. Material proof treatment report, heat treatment report; film thickness report; SGS report and hydrogen embitterment report
size : M2~M16 length:3~150mm